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Voter Registration Data in Multnomah County

Voter registration reports from Oregon Central Voter Registration (OCVR) system. Shows registration by district and precinct. Some reports Include registered 17 year olds who are not eligible to vote until they turn 18.


Data Requests

Please call Multnomah County Elections at 503-988-3720 if you have any questions. Data can be ordered from Multnomah County Elections by completing the appropriate form below with a $25 set-up fee (cash/check), and then the remainder paid when the disk is ready for pick-up.

Orders can also be placed with the Oregon Secretary of State's office at 503-986-1518. Orders placed through the Secretary of State's office can be done by phone and paid with a credit card. Fees are the same. 

  •  Ballot Returns (16.36 KB)
    Computer order list of ballots returned.
  •  Voter history (17.29 KB)
    Computer order list of registered voters and voter history.
  •  Voter Information (16.25 KB)
    Computer order list of registered voters.
  •  Walking list (16.47 KB)
    Printout list of registered voters in precinct walking order.
  •  Precinct committee list (20.59 KB)
    List of precinct committee persons by party
    • PCP lists also available online


District Maps & Information


Redistricting Information

After the 2010 Census, 2011 and 2012 were transitional years for redistricting of political boundaries. Political boundaries that effect voters in Multnomah County include US Congress, State Senate, State House, Metro Council, Multnomah County Commissioners, PCC board, MHCC board, ESD boards, Rockwood and Interlachen PUD boards. 

All districts have completed the redistricting process and that information is available on our website.


Historical Information

Links below to older precinct maps. Districts and precincts change every ten years after the Decennial Census. Precincts may change during the ten year cycle as district boundaries change or the number of voters in a precinct increases beyond the statutory limitation.