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Examining the Implementation of Justice Reinvestment in Multnomah County (3.15 MB)
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Older MCJRP Reports (FY 2015)

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Dr. Doug Marlowe's Presentation January 14, 2016 Putting Justice Reinvestment into Action: Matching Dispositions to the Risk-and-Need Profiles of Offenders

To be effective, safe, and cost-efficient, community-corrections programs require substantial modifications based upon the risk-and-needs profiles of the individuals they serve.  This presentation will review a typology of risk-and-needs profiles among offenders, and describe concrete clinical and supervisory adaptations that are required to treat and manage various sub-types of offenders effectively.  Participants will learn about the scientific principles of evidence-based treatment, supervision and behavior modification, and how to modify these services based on assessment findings to optimize outcomes.