Property Tax Distribution Information

Property tax collections are distributed to taxing districts monthly, with weekly distributions taking place during the month of November.  These distributions are generally completed by the 8th business day following the end of the month (or week) being distributed, per the current distribution schedule FY 2015-16 Distribution Schedule (289.98 KB)

The following tax distribution notices are in order by taxing district number within the file for each month.  A list of taxing districts List of Taxing Districts (55 KB) is available for reference, grouped by jurisdiction or taxing entity.

Taxing Districts: If you have any questions about your tax distribution notices, please contact us by phone at (503) 988-7699 or by e-mail.

Taxpayers: For questions about individual tax accounts, please contact the Division of Assessment, Recording and Taxation at (503) 988-3326 or by e-mail.

Comcast Appeal Update

10/21/2014 Letter to Taxing Districts  10/21/14 Letter to Taxing Districts - Comcast Appeal Update (520.85 KB)

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