Katie Shriver

Chief of Staff


Katie serves as Commissioner Meieran's chief of staff.  Katie's professional experience includes positions at the City of Portland, Oregon Legislature, Metro, Oregon Community Foundation, and the U.S. House of Representatives. She earned a Master's of Urban and Regional Planning degree from Portland State University.  Originally from Ohio, Katie is a lifelong Buckeyes and Reds fan. She has lived in Portland for nearly a decade, and in her free time she enjoys running, hiking, and bicycling. 

Renee Huizinga

Policy Director


Renee Huizinga is Commissioner Meieran's Policy Director. Prior to joining Multnomah County, Renee worked in the Oregon Legislature, in higher education administration, and in a wide range of advocacy, policy, and research roles serving women, families, and survivors of violence. Renee grew up in southern Oregon and first moved to Portland 12 years ago to study psychology at Lewis & Clark College. She returned in 2011 to focus on public health and social work at Portland State University. Outside of the office, Renee loves playing and watching soccer, getting outside, and spending time with her family.

Kyle Schwab

Constituent Relations and Policy Liaison


Kyle works as Commissioner Meieran's Constituent Relations and Policy Liaison. He holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Seattle University, and has been employed by local and federal government agencies in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. Kyle has worked intensively within public health, community justice, and non-profit health organizations. His professional expertise includes field investigation, quantitative analysis, and logistics coordination. Kyle has a strong passion for public health, violence and injury prevention, and helping to incorporate sound, robust data into decision-making processes.