Adult Court Services and Intake: Includes centralized intake services, pretrial supervision programs, supervision system entry and assessment, local supervisory functions, and an assortment of specialized services.

Civil Paper Status: Look up the status of your civil court documents. The types of court papers include: small claims, divorce papers, subpoenas, child support, restraining orders and evictions papers.

Family Court Services: Provides Conciliation and Family Counseling, Mediation, Evaluations, Parental Access and Visitation Mediation, Parent Education, and other service referrals.

Juvenile Counseling and Court Services: Services include: Accountability Programs, Community-Based Supervision, Gender Specific Services, Gang Resource Intervention Team (GRIT), Informal Intervention Team, Intake / Intervention, and the Sex Offender Treatment Team.


The Corrections Division's operations provide for the supervision, order and control of inmates, while offering a broad range of programs and services which allow inmates opportunity for change.

Law Enforcement

The Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Division focuses primarily on services to citizens residing or recreating in Multnomah County.

The Sheriff’s Office River Patrol Unit provides a variety of services to the community, including: law enforcement and boat safety inspections, emergency medical and boater assistance, boating and water safety and education, and locating submerged persons and vehicles with the aid of our side scan sonar.

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