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Asthma symptoms in children can be hard to manage, and housing conditions can often make them worse. If you live in Multnomah County and your child suffers from asthma or restrictive airway disease, call us or ask your doctor for a referral to one of our asthma support programs.

Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes is a free program for low-income families that can help you take control of your child’s asthma. It has significantly reduced emergency room visits and improved asthma symptoms. The program lasts for 6 months.

A nurse asthma educator and community health worker will visit you at home to provide education. They will also help you with:

  • Medication management
  • Enhancing your asthma action plan
  • Improving the health of your home
  • Additional community resources


This program serves families who:

  • Have a child under the age of 19 with asthma
  • Live in Multnomah County
  • Meet the income requirements for the Oregon Health Plan

Asthma Inspection Referral Program (AIR)

If your child has asthma, your healthcare provider can refer you to an environmental healthcare specialist for a free home inspection. They  will come to your home to identify things that may be making your child’s asthma worse. They will provide you and you doctor with a report on how to make your home more healthy.


This program is for any family who:

  • Has a child under the age of 19 with asthma
  • Lives in Multnomah County

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Call us or have your healthcare provider or call us at 503-988-7861.

Providers: make an online referral in CAIR»

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