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ACHIEVE Coalition Coordinator

Most people know Yugen Rashad as the one who will always find a way to boost team morale. He is responsible for walking partners through the process of implementing REACH policies into their everyday schedules and is a major proponent of connecting partners to appropriate services.

He brings a unique perspective to Multnomah County’s team. He’s been on both sides of public health, at one point in his youth frequenting Multnomah County’s juvenile detention system. But for the last several years he’s specifically worked in outreach and prevention in the public health sector.

Personal Life

Yugen grew up just off of Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard and San Rafael in Portland, only blocks from where he works today. He’s seen the neighborhood turnover through the years and says it’s especially important to him to continue working in this neighborhood.

He’s held a range of jobs in his adult life from bussing at a hotel to being a reporter for The Oregonian. In 2008 he left the paper to work with Lifeworks Northwest in tobacco prevention. During this time, Yugen partnered with a variety of entities, including Multnomah County, to decrease the amount of tobacco addiction and consumption in the Black community.

Today, he’s continuing that same work for the county and is excited for the future. When he’s not supporting a partner or coworker, he can be found playing with his jazz band on weekends.