Sexual Health Education

County service

Classes for students, curriculum support for teachers, parent and foster parent workshops.

Sheriff's Office

County service

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office provides corrections, law enforcement, river patrol, and search and rescue services.

STD Services

County service
503-988-5727 Test Results

Get checked and treated for sexually transmitted diseases, including an HIV test. Nonjudgmental and confidential.

Student Health Centers

County service

Primary care and mental health services for all school-aged youth, at 9 schools in Multnomah County.

SUN Youth Advocacy (SYA)

County service

SUN Youth Advocacy Program (SYA) fosters youth development and academic achievement.

Syringe Disposal

County service
If you have questions about medical waste disposal, or find an illegal dump on public property: 503.234.3000
If you find discarded syringes in Portland’s city center and don’t feel comfortable picking it up: 503.224.7383

Find information on how to pick them up, where to drop them off, and ways to get involved in cleaning up your neighborhood.