OCCUPATION: Vice President, Operations Gerber Legendary Blades, 14200 SW 72nd Avenue Portland Or. 97224

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Operations and Manufacturing Management for the past 15 years. Engineering work from 1991.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: AS Degree – Mt. Hood Community College; Various course work – OIT, Easter Oregon University, University of Phoenix

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: 5 years service School Board Director Position No. 3 – District 39 (Corbett); Currently Board Chair - Corbett

I have served for five years on the Corbett School Board. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the district in this capacity and look forward to another term. The district has performed well academically over the last six years and is in a strong financial position considering the funding crises Oregon is facing. We need experienced hands on the board over the next 4 years as we face potential funding shortfalls from the state. I have two children attending school in the district and definitely have a stake in working with the Corbett Board to stay the course of excellence already established.

The Corbett School District near term potential shortfall has to do with the Multnomah County I-Tax. As it is scheduled to go away in another year, the district will face the problem of using reserves in order to keep the curriculum in place. Our district has some of the highest test scores in the region, and we cannot afford to let our academic standards fall. The challenge will be to maintain our high achievement while supporting creative solutions to working with smaller budgets.

(This information furnished by Michael A. Jones)