OCCUPATION: Retired Museum Curator (Emeritus)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Curator of Technological History, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: California State University at Los Angeles, BA Degree, Course of Study: Industrial Education


     Public education represents the taxpayer's investment in the future, and it should be nurtured to guarantee a positive benefit. Our system of community colleges provide a unique transition from secondary instruction to either a vocational program or an affordable pathway to a four-year academic degree.

     Mount Hood Community College is financially coupled to the State's primary/secondary schools budget, rather than that allocated to the college/university system. Funding, therefore, is significantly less than that for the State's institutions of higher education, thus requiring stricter cost/benefit accounting. As a board member it will be my focus to scrutinize and supervise the resources invested in the college's academic and infrastructure programs. Furthermore, the possibility of a reduction in the State's 2011/2013 education budget will most certainly make revenue allocation all the more challenging. Student aid and government grant programs will also receive scrutiny to maximize their value and reduce any opportunities for misuse.

     As a transitional institution, Mount Hood Community College, is responsible for the scholastic advancement of all its students, however, the demand for remedial education diverts valuable resources from academic advancement. In this regard, I will endeavor to encourage the neighboring school districts to enhance their graduation standards, especially in English and mathematics, to reduce the need for expensive remedial education programs.

     I am dedicated to the proposition that more citizens should be involved with our educational system by serving on local school boards. Nonetheless, I also believe that all boards of education must be frequently renewed to ensure their diversity and vitality. In that regard, I will pledge to commit to a personal two-term limitation.

     My campaign has not accepted any endorsements or contributions with the goal of remaining impartial and independent.

(This information furnished by James Zordich)

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