Resource request form is linked at the bottom of this page. Please read all the instructions before filling it out. 

Wonder if this form is for you? Email or call 503-988-8940 for help. 

How to contact us

For those in need of resources during COVID-19:

This incident is worldwide and supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are inadequate to meet demand. Therefore, life safety equipment and supplies are only being allocated to life safety operations. This includes but is not limited to items like: N-95s, P100s, surgical and procedure masks, gowns, face shields, etc. 

With this in mind, please understand - if you include these scarce resources in your request and your operations are not deemed as life safety, those critical resources are very unlikely to be filled.

Use the form below only AFTER:

  1. You have demonstrably exhausted all other avenues for acquiring the resources through expanding contracts and all other means available and/or 

  2. You anticipate being out within a week and your suppliers are unable to fill your request within that time period.  

Incomplete resource requests will not be processed. Incomplete requests will be placed in a pending file until the requester can be contacted to obtain complete information. This will DELAY the request from being processed. 

ALL resource requests submitted through the Multnomah County require:

  1. A statement regarding whether the requester is a health care or non-health care organization.

  2. A valid point of contact.

    1. Email and telephone (a good 24/7 cell number is best), if we cannot contact you to answer questions your order will not be processed.

  3. A complete description of your request. 

    1. The more details provided, the less likely we will need to contact you. 

      1. Please use plain language and do not assume we understand what you are requesting.  

      2. It is OK to attach a spreadsheet. 

      3. While it is appropriate to include a specific vendor, make, model, or SKU, if that is all you provide and that item is not available, your request will NOT be filled. Therefore please indicate any and all equivalent or substitute items that are acceptable.

      4. It is imperative that your request describes your need, purpose and justification along with the end result that you aim to achieve.  This allows us to investigate our ability to circumvent any barriers to your resource request.  

  4. A shipping address and a Point of Contact of who will be receiving the items. 

    1. Logistics will work with the state to send supplies to one location per agency. It is the responsibility of the agency/organization to distribute internally. If there are access restrictions or special delivery instructions include that information as well.

  5. The date needed.

  6. How long you anticipate quantities requested will last. 

    1. Due to short supply and the dynamic evolution of critical needs please limit your ask to 2-3 weeks’ worth of stock for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and 1 week for other supplies. If your agency/organization goes through a significantly high number of supplies in that time period, it is necessary to describe the use/throughput in your request. It is helpful to include the number of staff, clients, patients, etc.

    2. Requests that exceed the threshold of the 2-3 week time period (or include a significant number of supplies without a description of use) will be placed in a pending file until we are able to obtain this information from the requester.

  7. The size.

    1. If size matters for the item(s) please include it in the request. Small, Medium, Large etc.

What type of face covering do I need?

Please take a few minutes to review and consider these CDC guidelines about face coverings. We’ve received many requests for specific masks, particularly N95s, but those are not the best PPE for every situation and supplies are limited.

Please remember

  • The County does not guarantee that you will receive all or ANY of your items. As stated above, demand currently outstrips supplies. 
  • The County will fill resources based on life safety priority.
  • If your request is not fully filled, our team will contact you to notify you of the amount we were able to allocate, that resource request will then be considered 'closed'. If additional supplies are still needed, you will need to submit another resource request.
  • Our inventory varies. Orders are filled based on the supplies we have on hand. When life safety incidents arise, they are given priority.
  • Agencies who receive resources from the County, State or Federal government should anticipate financial responsibility and may be required to reimburse all or some of the costs. 

How do I donate? If you have items you would like to donate - or are a business that is looking to offer goods and services, please visit our donation page.  

How do I volunteer? Whether you are an individual or organization/group, if you are interested in helping our community, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our volunteer interest form.

If you have any questions, please email or call 503-988-8940


If you have questions about submitting a resource request, please email or call 503-988-8940.

If you need to follow-up on a resource request previously submitted, please call 503-988-5952.

Use this link to fill out the Multnomah County Resource Request Form