I pledge to tell someone about cooling centers

Every year Multnomah County faces several heat waves that can be dangerous for older people or other vulnerable people.

During those times, cooling centers are open throughout the region. People can get out of the heat, into the A/C and enjoy cool, restoring beverages, food, and entertainment.

Unfortunately, many of these cooling centers are underutilized and people are left at home to suffer in the heat. 

We all believe in taking care of one another and making sure our loved ones and neighbors are safe.

How you can help

That’s why we’re asking people to fill out this form to pledge your help.

You will receive an email alert when cooling centers are open and be reminded to tell one person close to you who may be vulnerable.

In Multnomah County, we look out for the most vulnerable. 

Thank you for helping keep older people, people with disabilities and others safe.   

Make the Pledge: I will tell at least one older person, person with a disability, or person who may be vulnerable to the extreme heat about Multnomah County cooling centers.