Arata Road will be improved from NE 223rd Ave. to NE 238th Drive

Project Information

  • Location: NE Arata Road between 223rd and 238th Avenues, with some additional work on Halsey Street and Wood Village Boulevard
  • Schedule: Additional work west of Wood Village Blvd. in fall 2020.
  • Contractor: Wildish Standard Paving
  • Estimated Cost: $6.1 million
  • Funding Source: Two federal sources and County General Roadway Funds

Project Description

The project includes a complete streetscape between NE 223rd Ave and NE 238th Drive including a 6-foot sidewalk on the south side and a 10-foot wide concrete shared-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists on the north side. The project will also enhance the existing asphalt paved path connecting the intersection of Arata Road and Wood Village Blvd. to Halsey Street by widening and adding lighting. The project also includes a 5-foot planter to treat storm water runoff. The design is shown in the graphic below.

Cross section design for NE Arata Road

Storm water pipes will be installed on a small section of Halsey Street and on Wood Village Boulevard between Halsey and Arata.

In 2020 the City of Wood Village will install fencing along portions of Arata Road.  City staff will coordinate with property owners before the fencing is installed.

Funding for the project comes from multiple federal grant sources including $1.67 million from Regional Flexible Funds awarded by Metro and $2.1 million allocated from the State of Oregon’s Flexible Funds.

Traffic Impacts

  • Expect lane closures on Arata Road between 223rd Ave. and Wood Village Blvd.
  • When a lane is closed, flaggers will direct two-way traffic or signs will be set up for one-way traffic west-bound, closing the east-bound lane. 


Work on a culvert under Arata Road west of Wood Village Blvd. resumed in August 2020. It will wrap up in the fall, completing the project.

Project Updates

See this website for recent construction updates.  Public meetings were held in February and September 2018.

Public Involvement

A pre-construction public meeting was held on Monday, February 26 at Wood Village Baptist Church, 23601 NE Arata Road. Attendees viewed a drawing of the design and asked the project team about construction issues.  Information shared at the meeting is included on this web page. 

The Arata Road Active Transportation Project stems from the Arata Road Conceptual Design Plan developed in 2008 in partnership with the City of Wood Village. 

Arata Road has long been identified as a substandard street with safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as drainage issues. The county held several open houses to collect input on the design from community members, including local residents, members of churches in the area, and visitors to nearby shopping destinations. 

Before the project, sections of Arata Road lacked sidewalks.

County staff have solicited public input on improvements for Arata Road since 2008. Outreach has included three open houses, regular check-ins with the county’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Citizen Advisory Committee, and outreach at the Wood Village Night Out.

An open house was held in July 2016, when the latest project designs were shared. Here is the presentation from the 2016 open house. Some project dates have changed since 2016.

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