NW Newberry Road closed by a landslide, Jan. 2017.
Project Information

  • Location: Near 13342 NW Newberry Road, between Skyline and US30.
  • Schedule: Construction estimated for spring/summer 2018
  • Estimated Cost: $1.8 million (early conceptual estimate)

Project Description

This project will repair and re-open Newberry Road.

A landslide undermined a section of Newberry Road in January 2017, following a major snow storm and melt-off. The slide was large and may continue moving. The road has been closed to through traffic between US Highway 30 and NW Skyline Boulevard.

The repair schedule has not been determined. The current plan estimates that we will complete geotechnical studies, design work and right-of-way acquisition in 2017, and be ready for construction in spring or summer of 2018. We will notify Newberry Road residents and the public when the schedule has been confirmed.

Traffic Impacts

NW Newberry is closed to through traffic between US Highway 30 and NW Skyline Blvd. Local traffic has access up to each side of the slide area, near NW 13342 Newberry Road.

The alternate route for through traffic is NW Cornelius Pass Road. Passenger vehicles, but not trucks, may also use NW Germantown Road and NW McNamee Road.

What’s Been Done

  • Concrete barriers have been installed on each side of the slide.  Please be safe and do not pass the barriers, by motor vehicle, bicycle or even on foot.
  • Road closed signs have been installed on each side of the slide and at each end of the road.
  • Engineers from the county and an engineering consultant have visited the site to assess the damage. Our team is developing designs. The county will select a repair option that will determine the repair cost and schedule.

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