Additional safety improvements are coming to Multnomah County’s section of NW Cornelius Pass Road in 2019.  The Oregon Legislature allocated funding to Multnomah County for the improvements.  

Public Meeting

A public meeting on the improvements was held on January 5, 2017 at Skyline Elementary School. The project team provided an update on the project's design, which has reached the 30% level and a preview of construction, which is planned for 2019, when NW Newberry Road will be open and available as a detour for cars and small trucks.

The meeting presentation is below.

Project Elements

Safety improvements that are currently proposed include:

  • 8th Avenue Intersection:
    • Signage (to be included with corridor wide signing upgrades)
    • Vegetation and obstructions removal to improve the horizontal sight line
    • Shoulder widening to six-foot width on both sides of the road
    • Minor curve realignment to replace the existing compound curve with a single curve
  • Boyd’s Lower Driveway (Milepost 2.8):
    • Signage (to be included with corridor wide signing upgrades)
  • Curves 6 & 7 (Milepost 2.8 - 3):
    • Signage (to be included with corridor wide signing upgrades)
    • Provide flashing warning beacons ahead of curves 6 and 7
    • Reconstruction and realignment of the tangent between curves 6 and 7 to eliminate
    • the large radius curve currently connecting them
    • Re-striping lane lines through curves 6 and 7 to accommodate truck-off-tracking
    • Shoulder widening at the apex of curve 7
    • Drainage facilities along the concrete barrier
    • New concrete barrier
  • Curve 3 & 4 (Milepost 3.8/South of Plainview Road):
    • Signage (to be included with corridor wide signing upgrades)
    • Vegetation removal for sight distance improvements
    • Shoulder widening to increase the paved shoulder width to six feet
    • Guardrail upgrades at 3/“S” Curves
  • Kaiser Road Intersection:
    • Signage (to be included with corridor wide signing upgrades)
    • Vegetation removal for sight distance improvements
    • Vehicle activated signs (i.e. "Stopped Vehicle Ahead")
  • Corridor-wide:
    • Comprehensive signing upgrades
    • Vehicle pullouts (police, refuge, mailbox, school bus) at multiple  locations
    • Existing roadside barrier/guardrail analysis and upgrades for existing deficiencies
    • Reduce pavement drop-offs with gravel shoulder wedge where needed
    • Consideration of two variable message signs

The designs prepared by a consultant will be reviewed with staff at Multnomah County and ODOT as well as the general public. The goal is to confirm the designs at the 30% level so the consultant can move forward with final design in 2017.


The project is in final design, expected to go to bid in 2018. Construction is expected in 2019, after NW Newberry Road (currently closed due to a landslide) has been repaired and reopened to serve as a detour for cars and small trucks during the work on Cornelius Pass Road. 

Project Background

The Cornelius Pass Road Safety Evaluation JTA Final Report was provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to the Oregon Legislature early in 2011. The final report with appendices is available through the ODOT Region 1 website.   

The 2013 Oregon Legislature reallocated $8.5 million of the project's funding to other Oregon projects that were in need of immediate funding and ready to construct. In 2014 the project experienced a funding shortfall that required a temporary halt to design work. In 2015 Multnomah County was able to secure additional funds from ODOT so that design work could resume. Due to the funding challenges improvements at NW Skyline Blvd. have been dropped from the project. 

In 2013-14 a project team analyzed the most recent data for crashes on the county’s section of Cornelius Pass Road and developed a list of possible safety improvements.  A 15-member Community Advisory Committee (CAC) was recruited to review and provide input on safety improvements for this section of road.  The committee includes representatives from local neighborhoods, a local business, commuters, the trucking industry, and the Oregon Legislature. 

Committee meetings are open to the public.  Meeting materials are posted below as they become available.  To receive notification of meetings, or communicate with the project team or the committee, contact us by e-mail at  

Past Public Meetings

February 2014 open house

A public open house was held in February 2014 to share information about options for safety improvements and gather public input for the county and Community Advisory Committee to consider.  Information from the open house is available in the Documents section below. 

April 29, 2014 public meeting

A meeting of the Community Advisory Committee was held on April 29, 2014 to provide more information on options for improvements at the NW Skyline Boulevard intersection.  A majority of the committee recommended a signalized intersection at Skyline.  Materials from the meeting will be posted to this website within a week of the meeting.

May 7, 2015 public meeting

A meeting of the Community Advisory Committee is scheduled for May 7, 2015 at 6 pm at the Skyline Grange, 11275 NW Skyline Blvd. to update the committee on the project funding and schedule and answer questions. No new design work will be shared at this meeting.  Attendance for committee members is optional.  A public open house is planned in late 2015 to share advanced designs for the improvements prior to construction. Meeting information will be posted to this website when details are confirmed. 

Past Safety Improvements

2010 Safety Improvements

Several improvements were completed by Multnomah County in 2010 using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The federal stimulus funds were used to add:

  • Rumble strips along the outside edge of traffic lanes and the centerline to warn drivers when their vehicles are near the road edge or crossing into oncoming traffic.
  • A flashing yellow signal (westbound) approaching the intersection with NW Sheltered Nook Road to alert drivers of stopped traffic around a blind corner.
  • Vehicle speed readout signs to remind drivers of their vehicle speed.  The speed limit in this section of the road is 45 miles per hour.

Some of these improvements were recommended in a road safety audit led by the Federal Highway Administration in 2008.

2013 ODOT Improvements

The Oregon Department of Transportation constructed improvements to the intersection of NW Cornelius Pass Road and US30 in 2013.  For information, visit ODOT's project webpage.

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