Here are some of the traffic changes that will occur during construction for the Burnside Bridge Maintenance Project in 2017-2019:

During Structural Work

  • Lane closures on Naito Parkway (winter 2018), NE/SE 2nd Avenue (fall 2018 to winter 2019) and NE/SE 3rd Avenue (fall 2017) where the bridge is overhead.
  • Areas in Waterfront Park under bridge closed but bicycle and pedestrian access maintained (winter 2018)
  • Occasional night-time Eastbank Esplanade closures (dates to be determined)

During Deck Work

  • One lane closed in each direction. Bicyclists and pedestrians share paths on each side of Burnside Bridge (January 2018 - fall 2019)
  • Temporary closure of bus stop #689 serving lines 12, 19 and 20 located on west approach (fall 2018 - fall 2019)
  • Bridge stairs closed (dates to be determined)

Stay tuned for project updates.


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Traffic impacts from Burnside Bridge maintenance project

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